Bundle Dyeing + Astro Tarot Night  | Dec 12 , 2019
Bundle Dyeing + Astro Tarot Night  | Dec 12 , 2019
Bundle Dyeing + Astro Tarot Night  | Dec 12 , 2019
Bundle Dyeing + Astro Tarot Night  | Dec 12 , 2019

Bundle Dyeing + Astro Tarot Night | Dec 12 , 2019

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With Kate Thériault of cedars + sage

Thursday, December 12th |  6:30 - 8:30pm 

Bundle dye your very own silk pillowcase! Fresh flowers and plant material can be used to create a soft palette of colour on a luxurious addition to your self-care routine. Sleeping on silk is not only enjoyable, but it is also incredibly healthy for you! The tightly-woven smooth fibres are gentler on your skin and hair, while also helping to keep them moisturized. Important during the dry winter months!


As the flowers work their magic in the dye pot, participants will be invited to take some time for self-reflection, aided by a personalized astrological natal chart that will be crafted just for you and an intro into the world of Tarot. Guidance and help with interpretation will be offered throughout.

Participants wishing to have their natal charts available at the workshop must provide their full birthdate and place of birth upon registration. Please do so by email @bear@commoncraft.ca  .

Kit Fee: A $35 kit fee required payable to instructor at workshop, includes one (1) standard size silk pillowcase (pre-treated for natural dyeing and sewn by the instructors), and all dye materials.


Kate Thériault is a textile artist currently residing on the ancestral lands of the Attawandaron people and the treaty lands and territory of the Mississaugas of the Credit (Guelph, Ontario, Canada). Kate is of mixed Acadian and European descent, and is actively working to be a steward of the land and to heal and decolonize their mind. They see slow fashion and the act of creating with natural fibres as a form of healing and self-care.

Kate was gifted the teachings of tailoring and embroidery from their maternal grandmother as a child and have been a life-long sewist, working specifically with hemp and other plant based fibres for over ten years. Their formal education includes a BA in Anthropology & Indigenous Land Rights, as well as complementary trainings & teachings within the areas of Talking/Healing Circles, Coming-of-Age Ceremonies, Consensus Decision-Making, and Yoga for Depression & Anxiety. In the Spring of 2018, Kate was honoured to learn the art of Traditional Indigo and Black Walnut Dyeing from Algonquin Elder, Corola Jones, at Toronto’s first Indigenous Fashion Week. These teachings were followed by a week-long intensive in Shibori Indigo Dyeing at the Haliburton School of Art & Design this past summer. Cedars & Sage was launched in late 2018 as a way to positively contribute to the world and the slow fashion movement by offering quality-made, natural fibre clothing.